Horticulture has emerged as an important sector for diversification of agriculture. It has established its credibility in improving the income through increased productivity, generating employment and in enhancing exports besides providing household nutritional security.The horticultural crops are the important source of income for the farmers.  Plantation crops namely Coconut, Arecanut, Cashew, Rubber; Spice crops viz., Pepper, Ginger, Turmeric; Fruit crops namely Mango, Pineapple, Sapota & Banana; Vegetables viz Brinjal, Bhendi, Cucumber, Chilli, Vegetable cowpea & Leafy vegetables  are being grown in the district. 

In recent days aromatic crops, Vanilla, flower crops viz Jasmine, Crysanthemum, Orchids and Anthuriums are getting increased attention of the farmers. Udupi Mallige and Mattu Gulla Brinjal of Udupi District have got Geographical identity.Udupi District is having a total geographical area of 3,56,446 Hectare, in which net cultivable area is 97,802 Hectares out of which Horticulture crops are grown in an area of 73,002 Hectares.Deputy Director of Horticulture at District level, Senior Assistant Director of Horticulture, Assistant Director of Horticulture at Taluka level and Assistant Horticulture Officers at Hobli level are working to implement the programmes of Horticulture Department.

For the production and supply of quality planting material to farmers 6 Horticulture farms and 2 office nurseries are working under Horticulture Department Udupi District. Service Centre/ Raitha Seva Kendra working for marketing of horticulture and agricultural produces, provided with the facility of  marketing stalls (16 no’s) and 1 canteen. Savayava Santhe activities going on every sunday for marketing of fresh organic fruits and vegetables for consumers and it helps the farmers to get remunerative and assured price for their produce.

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Various programmes implemented during 2018-19 is as follows

  • In 2018-19 Horticulture Department got financial target of Rs. 783.73 Lakhs, out of which Rs. 682.51 Lakhs was released and till the end of March-2019 a total Rs. 682.51 Lakhs was spent to implement various schemes.
  • Under Zilla PAnchayath and Taluka Panchayath schmes Rs. 48.42 Lakhs was spent under Oilpalm Cultivation, Micro Irrigation, Horticulture Building, Horticulture farm maintenance, Publicity and Literature, Bee Keeping, Plant Protection and training programmes.
  • A total of Rs. 263.96 Lakhs was spent from Horticulture Department to implement state sector schemes like Comprehensive Horticulture Development Programme, Integrated Control of Pest and diseases of Horticulture Crops, Apiculture and Bee Keeping and Krishi Bhagya Schemes.
  • To implement centally sponsored schemes like Pradhan Manthri Krishi Sichayai Yojana, Integrated farming in coconut for productivity improvement programme, National Horticulture Mission, Rastriya Krishi Vikasa Yojane and Sub Mission on Agriculture Mechanisation a total of Rs. 366.61 Lakhs was spent from Horticulture Department.
  • In 2018-19 Assisted for 2 small nurseries of private sector to build required infrastructure for the production of good quality planting material.
  • During 2018-19 a total of 520.51 Hectare area brought under Horticulture Crops through area expansion programmes of different schemes. Cashew, Banana, Black Pepper, Pineaplle, Vegetables and Grafted Black Pepper, minor fruits like Jamun and Mangosteen area expansion is done in district.
  • In 2018-19 assisted for 81 Hectare of Coconut, 59.20 Hectare of Cashew and Back Pepper is rejuvenation.
  • Purchase of 6 Small Tractors, Construction of 1 Mushroom unit, 4 Pack House and 3 Multipurpose Processing units are assisted from National Horticulture Mission Scheme in order to encourage employment generation and to reduce post harvest losses.
  • To assist clean and easy drying of Horticulture produce Department supported 2 farmers for establishment of Solar Tunnel Dryer in 2018-19.
  • Assited for construction of 10 water harvesting structures for conservation of water in district under National Horticulture Mission Scheme.
  • 300 urban beneficiaries are trained for development of  Kitchen and Terrace Garden and distributed Kitchen and Terrace Garden Kits for establishment and assisted for 1 small scale Mushroom unit under Comprehensive Horticulture Development Programme.
  • 45 Hectare Horticulture area is brought under microirrigation under Pradhan Manthri Krishi Sinchayi Yojane during 2018-19.
  • 453 farmers are assisted with Rs. 51.94 Lakhs under the Scheme Submission on Agricultural Mechanization for the purchase of implements used in Horticulture crops.
  • To improve pollination through bee keeping 6 apiculture trainings organized in 2018-19 and assisted for the purchase of 583 Bee Hive and Colony under different schemes.
  •  Trainings, Tours and field visits are organized using funds from different schemes.
  • In Department Farms and Nurseries Good quality planting materials of Horticulture crops are produced and sold to farmers at Department price.
  • In Mahathma Gandhi Employment Guarantee Scheme Rs. 46.40 Lakhs was spent to create 17675 man days in Horticulture Sector.
  • Arecanut and Black Pepper crops are included in Restructured Weather Based Crop Insurance Scheme in Udupi District. During 2018-19 for these crops 1844 farmers registered and based on eligibility total Insured amount of Rs. 56.048 Lakhs paid in 3068 cases.
  • A total of Rs. 718.74 Lakhs was paid to 9,659 farmers in 2018-19 as relief under National/State Disaster Management Fund for Koleroga Affected Arecanut Plantations through Parihara Softwere of Revinue Department by DBT.
For further details contact:
Deputy Director of Horticulture, (Zilla Panchayat),Doddanagudde, Udupi-576102, Phone : 0820-2531950
Senior Assistant Director of Horticulture, (Zilla Panchayat), Doddanagudde, Udupi-576102, Phone: 0820-2522837
Senior Assistant Director of Horticulture, (State Sector),Doddanagudde, Udupi-576102, Phone:0820-2520590
Senior Assistant Director of Horticulture, (Zilla Panchayat),Kundapura, Phone: 08254-230813
Senior Assistant Director of Horticulture, (Zilla Panchayat), Karkala, Phone: 08258-230288
Assistant Director of Horticulture, (State Sector), Flower Auction Centre, Doddanagudde, Udupi-576102, Phone:0820-2520590